Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre views technique as a means of furthering our bodies as instruments for creative expression. By pushing the exploration of physicality, space, and relationship (to people and objects) and how our thought process guides these physical manifestations, technique allows us to better articulate emotion in the service of narrative.

Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre offers experiential, process-driven classes and workshops rooted in the following core values:

Facilitating an environment of imagination/play in order to help participants make connections and find new solutions for problems inside and outside of the classroom.

Validating the individual through empowered choice-making.

Modeling the power of collective action by honoring diverse perspectives and a multiplicity of bodies, abilities, and experiences while working together as a group.

Centering the power of storytelling in pursuit of social justice. 

All online classes will take place over Zoom. Meeting rooms will open 5 minutes before class start time. Please plan to arrive on time or a few minutes early, especially for your first class. If the class requires any additional items (pen and paper, water bottle etc.), you will be notified in advance. All you need is your self and comfortable clothing to move in. Classes are adapted to fit in a variety of spaces large and small!