“Samar Haddad King deftly melds styles from hip-hop and ballet to social dance and acrobatics.”

–Heidi Weiss, Chicago Sun Times


Directed, Written*, and Conceived by: Samar Haddad King
Performed by: Sarah Genoves-Sylvan, Nathan Trice, Sabrina Jaafar, Kristin Clotfelter, Yukari Osaka, Chris Rudd, and Yusha Marie Sorzano
Original Cast by: Chris DelPorto, Natasha Diamond Walker, Josiah Guitian, Shayla Vie Jenkins, Zoe Rabinowitz, Kathryn Schetlick, and Stephanie Sutherland
Voiceovers by: Alejandra Buljevich, Amin Hussein, Maria Portman Kelly, David Prete, and Kate Webster
Cinematography by: Jon Chen
Music: Various Artists
Costumes: Daphne Correll
Lighting by: Yuriy Nayer
World premiere: April 1-5, 2009 Teatro LA TEA (New York, NY)

Performance Highlights: Joyce SoHo (NYC, 2012), Ramallah Contemporary Dance Festival (Ramallah, 2010) and Zakharef in Motion (Amman, 2010)

*The part of Noah was written in collaboration with Sean King

Photos © Corey Melton

Set in a New York City deli where people of all classes and cultures co-mingle, The Store is seen here as an equalizer in a society that is continually confronted by the existence of the other. Drawing on the athletic, off-balance and highly emotive choreography so emblematic of Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre, the dancers explore how we chose to accept the stereotypes offered by our culture, or challenge these preconceptions through sincere interactions. In a series of solos, duets, trios and larger group sections, The Store conveys what lies at the heart of human relationships and invites audiences to imagine a world where the divisors of class, gender and race could be transcended.