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Review: Losing It  

Textur Buero, June 2023

“An intense, often cacophonous sound track by Samar Haddad King with deafening city noises from traffic, Arabic music and prayers, but also helicopter noise and gunfire creates a constant emotional roller coaster ride in the young woman and in us: Can we even trust the chirping of birds or the fireworks in the sky when sirens and shots ring out immediately before/after?” – Astrid Priebs-Tröger

Critic’s Pick Review: Last Ward  

The New York Times, May 2022

“The inextricable connection between life and death is what Last Ward understands. The connection between words and dance, too.” – Brian Seibert

Feature: The Palestinian and New York-based company subverting audience expectations  

Arab News, March 2023

Is dance a form of resistance? While the company’s work is not necessarily ideological, “there is something about raising your voice and our story being told, and maybe being told in a different way,” says Haddad King. “Just being seen, just screaming out, talking it out, dancing it out is political. We are politicized.”

Feature: We Live in Cairo: Samar Hadad King choreographs The Arab Spring

DIY Dancer, May 2019

As far as celebration and resistance, one of the real common themes is that they are communal acts. The act of the revolution, all these people coming together to resist, or to overthrow, and then coming together to celebrate…It’s big but also on this intimate scale, the experiences of joy and resistance.

Tiroler Tageszeitung

Review: Losing It: Dancing on the border (April 2023)

Thinking Dance

Thinking Dance

bound Sabrina Sara
Against a Hard Surface Sun

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