“I think doing contemporary work as a Palestinian-American company is a bit of a perspective shift for a lot of folks who, if you say ‘Palestinian,’ are expecting dabke or a more-cultural dance performance. We’re really making a hybrid form that’s dealing with contemporary themes, and that subverts the expectations sometimes of an audience, which I think is really important.”

Zoe Rabinowitz, Executive Director of YSDT, quoted in Arab News

Lecture highlights include partnerships with the Center for Palestine Studies at Columbia University (NYC), Colorado Mountain College (CO), Dance Research Forum Ireland (NYC), Fordham University (NYC),  International Society for Presenting Arts (NYC), Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival (Cairo, Egypt), New York University (NYC), Tanzkongress (Hannover, Germany) and UMass Boston.

Public lectures provide insight into YSDT’s methods to create art across physical and political barriers, as well as geopolitical context. These multimedia presentations include footage of the creative process and performance excerpts, with discussion topics ranging from the performing arts to new media, Middle East, International and Women’s/Gender Studies.