YSDT Launch Party!

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On Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre hosted the first of it’s kind launch party featuring tunes spun by DJ Berberock, suds by Chelsea Brewing Company and entertainment by Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre. Calling in via Skype even at 1:30am local time was Artistic Director Samar Haddad King, who was passed from hand to hand on my laptop; earphones shared between guests crowded around the 13″ screen. At about 3am her time, Samar was plugged up to the sound system and welcomed the crowd as any gracious hostess or Artistic Director might. She thanked everyone for coming, introduced new board members Kristine Covillo, Emily Hopp and Zoe Rabinowitz as well as the dancers of YSDT, and went on to explain a little more about the reasons behind hosting this shin-dig. First on the list was our five year anniversary! Since forming the company in 2005, King has continued tirelessly to create new quality work, tour to new venues and expand the organization both artistically and administratively. Not only that, but many of the founding members are still dancing with the company today; an impressive feat considering the competitive nature of this industry where dancers often come and go from project to project.




Photos by Sara Genoves-Sylvan

In addition to celebrating our past, the evening was also about our future: our new website, new guest artist James Pierce and new production: Bound that will premiere October 20-22 at the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center. As political leaders are being overthrown by Facebook organized protests and youth around the world organize via twitter, the question of personal and political freedom is more relevant than ever; the power of the individual in society has never been more apparent and it is this quest for personal freedom that lies at the heart of our new work Bound.

After Samar’s speech, guests were invited to view some live movement from the creative process, where dancers create phrases based on different definitions of the word Bound. In this case the dancers were bound by gravity in an altered state like on the moon- where one might find freedom in floating.

To see more photos from this event visit our Facebook page.

— Zoe

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