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SamarKatieWe often use words as a starting point for movement. We start with a certain combination of words to ensure that everyone understands the concept or the theme. Sometimes Yukari needs to bust out her Japanese/English dictionary. Routinely our English speakers interpret the meaning of words differently- but that is part of the fun. Today our words are:

Tracing, wrapping, removing, line description, crumbling, pushing, dividing

Individually we create a movement for each word and put them together into a phrase. We use the term ‘phrase’ in movement much like you would use a ‘phrase’ in language. It is part of a sentence. It has distinct steps- like words- that you could take apart and rearrange if you wanted to. The entire phrase could be copy and pasted into another part of the choreography or document. And in our case these particular phrases are all our own. They carry in them our own syntax, slang and accents. Samar is the editor in chief and she reviews our phrases. Sometimes she crosses out words entirely, or finds a synonym to replace a clunky piece of movement. In this genre she is the most eloquent writer we know and we trust her. She leaves the identity of the writer/creator intact but shapes each phrase into a workable piece of the larger whole. We watch one another’s work and marvel at the solutions our colleagues have found for such open-ended concepts as ‘line description’; we see the line in space and through their bodies- we never would have thought to make it that way. Later we will learn one another’s movement, string all of our phrases together into choreography, put the choreography to music, and count the music out. By then we hope that our vocabulary will be so solidified and meaningful to us, that even someone watching could observe our steps and know what we meant to say.

Check out Zoe’s seven word phrase below:



Pictures from YSDT dancer, Sara Genoves-Sylvan.

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