Honoring the Individual: Yukari abroad

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Yukari Osaka in rehearsal. Photo by Sara Genoves-Sylva

I am from Japan. I don’t have any family here in the US. Most of my family members and friends- including my parents, my brother and sister-  have never lived abroad.

I’ve lived here for seven years, and I used to think my home is so far. It is as far as before but since the technology has developed more and more, I actually feel my home is closer than seven years ago. Today you can email your family living on the other side of the world from your cell phone anytime. You can also connect with them by social networking services like Facebook or Skype. I actually don’t contact them that often. I usually call them once a week or less. But having the thought of that I can contact them anytime has made me easy in my mind. When Japan had the earthquake on March 11th this year I could contact my family by email instead of using a phone and could know that they were safe.

You may think there is no big difference between having your family in another state like Missouri and having one in Japan, but there is a difference. That is I’m living outside of my country with different people who have a different cultural background.

I came to the US for a different opportunity to work as a dancer.  I had wanted to know a dance field outside of Japan and besides, I was longing for American dancers who have more energetic and bigger movement.

Even if I talk and explain to the people in my home about the difference between American dance field and Japanese one or talk about what I am doing now, they cannot really understand. Imagination comes from your experience. If you don’t have that experience, it’s not easy to feel it. I think it can happen to anyone no matter how far away you live from your home, but it is more difficult for the people who live abroad.

I understand that my family cannot imagine my life in New York, but I hope that someday they will understand something I learned from this city.









 – Yukari

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