Everyday Dance in Everyday Spaces

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EDES is a series of performances in public spaces intended to deepen the dialogue between local performing artists and the public through diverse interventions in cities and towns throughout Palestine. The design of these performances is deduced from the everyday bodily movements inspired from the streets. Selected artists will develop their personal projects through a series of workshops, lectures, and discussions that will enable a multidisciplinary approach in designing and realizing each of the projects.

Project Concept

“Whereas each act, like single drops of rain, singularly makes only individual impact, such acts produce larger spaces of alternative practices and norms when they transpire in big numbers—just as the individual wetting effects of billions of raindrops join up to generate creeks, rivers, and even floods and waves” Life as Politics, Asef Bayat

EDES is a series of performance projects in public spaces and an integral part of a larger program “Collectives” run by the Public Programme at the A.M. Qattan Foundation. Samar Haddad King (Artistic Director, YSDT) will serve as curator and artistic advisor for this program from its launch in February 2017 through its culminating public interventions to take place between October and December 2017.

How can everyday action in the public space influence artistic practice and vice versa? The goal of EDES is to deepen understanding between local performers and the general public through critical public interventions. Furthermore, this project aims to expand artistic collaboration between dancers and other cultural practitioners. Along with Haddad King, there will be four artistic consultants from a variety of artistic backgrounds to assist participants through multi-disciplinary workshops, lectures, discussion and feedback sessions.

EDES will support a variety of projects that have an extended presence in the public through a series of public encounters rather than a singular performance, (e.g. multiple performances, talk backs, rehearsals in the actual site-specific space, public discussions, … etc.)


Artists and advisors will meet for two intensive periods: May 22 – 26, 2017 and August 14 – 18, 2017, to address the exploration of public space: its meaning, politics, use, and relationship to varying social groups. Artists and advisors will explore how dance can play an active role in promoting discourse in these public spaces. In addition to these intensive periods, participants will research and develop their projects individually, with artistic and logistical support from artistic advisor, Samar Haddad King.


  1. Promote interdisciplinary and inclusivity within the cultural sphere.
  2. Provide a platform for contemporary dance artists to develop their artistic voices through the study of public acts, gesture, and daily actions.
  3. Produce a variety of free public events (performances, lectures, and exhibits) in public spaces around Palestine in order to deepen relationships between performing artists and audiences within Palestine.
  4. Create a space for dialogue about the role of dance in Palestinian society and the potential for dance to connect spectators and practitioners.
  5. Reclaim public space as an inclusive place for all sectors of society.
  6. Expand the possibility of performance spaces to non-traditional spaces and open up new platforms for artists to present work.
  7. Increase audience development for contemporary dance


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