Kelli Youngmad in rehearsal for her solo

Honoring the individual: Developing the solo artist.

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About a month ago, Kelli Youngman- a senior at the Fordham/Ailey BFA Program in New York City- performed a solo that we choreographed in collaboration with the dancers of YSDT for the Fordham/Ailey BFA Senior Solo Concert.  This was my fifth senior solo commissioned by students of the Ailey/Fordham BFA program in the past five

picture of palestine for blog

Moving in Palestine: Katie arrives.

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The other side. I arrived in Palestine late on Tuesday night. After entering and exiting the doors of nine different means of transportation (subway, AirTrain, elevator, plane, taxi, bus, van, mini-bus, taxi), I was glad to walk through the final door to find Samar. We sat together all night, friends came- the two week long


The Skype Experiment: 5 months in.

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Since Samar’s departure in December many things have changed: almost all of the dancers now have smart phones, which facilitates us watching videos or reading emailed notes during rehearsal; everyone has downloaded Skype- for both social and professional reasons- where we hang out in a new sort of virtual apartment; Samar has become increasingly tech-savvy:


YSDT Launch Party!

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On Tuesday, March 1, 2011 Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre hosted the first of it’s kind launch party featuring tunes spun by DJ Berberock, suds by Chelsea Brewing Company and entertainment by Yaa Samar! Dance Theatre. Calling in via Skype even at 1:30am local time was Artistic Director Samar Haddad King, who was passed from hand

Huffington Post Feature!

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As many arts organizations explore how the performing arts can benefit from technology, a rather new dance company is proving fertile testing ground for development and study. Driven by necessity, Yaa Samar! Dance Theater is contributing to this conversation through its determination to make work…