Kelli Youngmad in rehearsal for her solo

Honoring the individual: Developing the solo artist.

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About a month ago, Kelli Youngman- a senior at the Fordham/Ailey BFA Program in New York City- performed a solo that we choreographed in collaboration with the dancers of YSDT for the Fordham/Ailey BFA Senior Solo Concert.  This was my fifth senior solo commissioned by students of the Ailey/Fordham BFA program in the past five

picture of palestine for blog

Moving in Palestine: Katie arrives.

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The other side. I arrived in Palestine late on Tuesday night. After entering and exiting the doors of nine different means of transportation (subway, AirTrain, elevator, plane, taxi, bus, van, mini-bus, taxi), I was glad to walk through the final door to find Samar. We sat together all night, friends came- the two week long


Katie returns to Ramallah

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The spices I brought back from the Middle East while on tour last Spring have not been enough to satiate my hunger for the experiences I had while in Ramallah. Their aroma fills my mind immediately with the memories of welcoming faces, passionate dreamers, and open spirits…


Katie’s thoughts

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What happens when it is hard to see subtle dynamics, to determine the desired speed? What happens without the tool of a soft touch? What happens when one person is confined to a room and you are in another?